Casting Solutions
Quality castings are products of experienced craftsmanship supported by the consistency of technology. At Waupaca Foundry, hundreds of foundry experts and metallurgists deliver high quality casting solutions through our customized vertical molding process, casting design, and engineering support.

Our processes are designed to create reliable products for you and your customers. Our nationwide locations and industry leadership ensure you get the service you deserve and the competitive pricing you need.
Our Process
Waupaca Foundry's design engineering, high volume melting capabilities, custom vertical green sand molding, and automated finishing systems minimize post-process machining requirements and maintains controlled chemistry for consistent machining -- all resulting in best-in-class gray iron and ductile iron castings. 
Our Technology
Waupaca Foundry's technology reduces total overall manufacturing costs through innovative casting and core passage designs, waste reduction, and mass reduction improving casting consistency and quality. And, in some casting applications we even help reduce the need for multiple cast, fabricated or welded parts thereby simplifying your assemblies, as well as reducing your inventory costs.
Markets Served
Waupaca Foundry produces gray, ductile, austempered ductile, and compacted graphite iron castings for global markets including the light vehicle, commercial vehicle, agriculture, construction, material handling and other industrial sectors.
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