About US
For over 100 years, Midvale Industries has provided process solutions for a multitude of industry applications, including metal finishing, foundry, surface preparation, and coating removal. Midvale's lean solutions offer the highest productivity and the lowest possible process cost, and we will work personally with you, first developing a process solution, implementing this solution, and then ensuring future on-site support. Our technical sales team is skilled in delivering complete process solutions for any of your needs, and we are committed to providing you with a system that will perfectly fit your needs.

Our Services
Midvale Industries provides process solutions for a multitude of industrial applications including surface preparation, coating removal, parts cleaning, foundry supplies and equipment, metal finishing supplies and equipment, and more. Our sales representatives have received several years of training through programs sponsored by our vendors, the American Foundry Society, the Cast Metal Institute, as well as receiving training in our lab and also in the field with our experienced sales management team. Our sales team is constantly keeping up to date with industry innovations by attending trade shows and expos, as well as keeping close ties with vendors along and participating in activities with various trade associations.

Our goal is not to just sell the customer supplies and equipment but to show them how to use those products and equipment in an economical, safe, and efficient way. When a Midvale sales representative visits your facility the focus is on the whole production process. They search for bottlenecks, possible waste, and potential safety issues along with regular inspection reports on equipment and consumables. Our team’s goal is to be your company’s personal consultation team on a project.

We offer additional value added services such as lab testing, local delivery, economical and fast parts processing at our F.T.I. Job Shop in Tulsa, OK. Please call us today at 1-866-643-8253 (MIDVALE).