HA International is committed to the continuous improvement of our products and services with the ongoing goal of improving productivity, product performance and value for our customers.

Our Commitment
At HA International, foundry is part of our DNA. For more than 15 years our loyalty
and commitment has been to the foundry. We take pride in being a dedicated partner to the industry and look forward to many more years of growing with you, for you.

Our Products
Superior products for today's demanding foundry applications.

Resin Systems
The industry’s most comprehensive lineup of organic and inorganic resin systems to accommodate any casting application and meet all your foundry needs.

Custom Coat Resin Coated Sand
HA International customizes each and every resin coated sand formulation so you can optimize your operation's unique capabilities.

Refractory Coating Products
HA International provides a complete range of refractory coatings to meet all of your foundry needs. Refractory coatings are used on molds and cores to enhance the surface finish of the casting and reduce casting defects which occur at the sand-metal interface.

Our Commitment To The Environment
Minimizing our impact on the environment is part of HAI's EcoMission. Our goal is to minimize foundry environmental impact throughout our product's life cycles, with an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.
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